As we are entering into the new exciting year, we thought that it is the perfect time to step back and have o firechat type interview with all our members and supporting partners about the milestonses of 2021 and their predictions for 2022

Today we will discuss at 2021 in REVIEW. 2022 in PREVIEW. with Alina Stefan – CEO at Salarium.

ROFIN.TECH : Alina, how was 2021 for Salarium from your perspective and what was the biggest achievement / milestone of this year?

Alina Stefan: For us,  2021 was a year of growth. We managed to develop Salarium from an idea to a working project and roll it out to the market. Some of the milestones were: building a strong team, lauching the app, partnering up with key players in the payroll market, on boarding our first clients and making our solution known to the market. Yet the achievement that we are most proud of is helping employees access their salaries anytime they need, with no additional costs, allowing them to become more autonomous and in control of their own incomes.

ROFIN.TECH: What is something you’ve learned during 2021?

Alina Stefan: 2021 tought us the importance and resilience, the power of wanting to make a difference and the impact a strong community has on a start-up. Resilience kept us focused on want we planned to achieve and guided us through both the good times and the worse. Wanting to make a difference was our North Star and our mission. But in the end, the community we gathered around Salarium helped us the most. They say it takes a village to raise a child, the same goes for start-ups. In our case it was the team, the partners, out clients, the start-up community, fintech community, our end users and supporters of the project. We want to thank them for keeping our determination fueled.

ROFIN.TECH : Could you tell us what you’re most excited about this 2022 coming time at Salarium?

Alina Stefan: We plan to kick-start 2022 with a new round of investment. This way we can continue to grow and improve our solution, service more companies and make our salary on demand solution more popular in the market.

ROFIN.TECH : Are there any threats that you can see happening in 2022?

Alina Stefan: The main threat that we see is what everyone is fearing nowadays, for things to take a turn for the worse because the Pandemic, this will have a negative impact on all of us and our plans. Yet we are confident that the worse is behind us and we will move forward more aware of ourselves and one another, hopeful and with a healthy mindset.

ROFIN.TECH : Can you share with us top 3 positive predictions that you see in the Romanian Fintech ecosystem for 2022?

Alina Stefan: In 2022 we believe that the fintech ecosystem will grow, more companies will start colaborating among themselves and that together, as a community, we will be able to have an impact both in Romanian legislature and the market overall. We believe that soon fintech will no longer be a niche, but a new standard of financial business.

About Salarium:

Salarium is the salary on demand solution that helps employees reach their salaries faster, cheaper, better. We help companies take better care of their employees financial wellness by providing them access to their own money whenever they need or want. Our solution is designed to be a corporate benefit for companies while direct beneficiaries are the employees.
The app allows employees to access their salary in advance directly from Salarium app at any time with no cost involved. Being positioned as a corporate benefit, we align to corporate strategies to improve the life of their employees, while keeping them in a financial healthy environment with lesser debts and costs when in need to access money. Hence, Salarium not only pays the salary advances within the month, but manages to do that with no costs, fees, or commissions at the employee side.

About Alina Stefan:

Alina Stefan is CEO of Salarium, with a vast experience in start-up management, Sales and Marketing.